The Professional Course is a unique programme offering students the opportunity to train at a professional stage school whilst remaining at their own academic school. Our timetable means that the Professional Course students receive the same number of vocational classes as those attending the full-time Theatre Arts School in London.

Guildford Associates selects talented students for their individuality and the training process is designed to nurture confidence, self-esteem, acknowledgement of personal strengths and the true fulfilment of technical and artistic potential in order that they can confidently demonstrate and respond to the needs of an ever changing and demanding profession.


The aim of Italia Conti has always been to provide a thorough education and training. Learners are nurtured by a staff of enthusiastic, professional experts using the latest teaching methods, making each course subject practical, informative and interesting while retaining traditional values. We can look back with pride secure in the knowledge that our students enter the profession with the necessary skills, having also been encouraged to develop their social talents and to evolve a set of standards essential for personal and professional fulfilment. Italia Conti students receive the unique benefits of training based on over 100 years of knowledge and experience geared to the needs of the present day.


Course | Professional Course Performing Arts

Course Leader | Carrie Robinson

Ages | 9 - 18 years

Location | Associates @ Arts Centre, Guildford, Surrey, GU1 2RE

Programme Length | Ongoing, Part-Time
Start Date | September 2019


If you have any questions, talk to a member of our team.



Our professional course students have all been carefully selected. Prospective students are auditioned and interviewed and only those with the potential to become professional performers are offered a place. Successful students will join classes in either their relevant age group or the grade they are working at. Our courses provide students with the opportunity to receive a full and thorough training in all aspects of dance, acting and singing and to learn a wide range of performance skills, including voice work, under the expert supervision of the Associate school staff. Great care is taken to tailor vocational classes to the ability of each student and timetables are structured to ensure that each student receives maximum benefit.

Progress is carefully monitored and regular assessments are made. All our students undertake an exciting variety of projects including regular in-house and public workshops. Visiting Directors lead productions that aim for the highest possible standards at public performance.


In return, we expect our students to be dedicated, committed and self-motivated. We cultivate performance, style and technique and encourage our students to develop personal qualities including the sound moral values, self-discipline and good manners that make them valued members of any group or company. Our graduates are acknowledged throughout the world for their talent, their versatility and their professional approach to performance.


Thursday, 5.05pm - 8.15pm | Friday, 5.05pm - 8.15pm | Saturday, 9am - 5pm


The course includes a range of classes such as:

- Ballet                                   - Acting

- Modern                               - Singing

- Tap                                       - Musical Theatre

- Hip Hop                                     


Students are given the opportunity to take part in our bi-yearly show, plus various in house performances and events throughout the year. Students are also encouraged to take vocational ISTD dance or LAMDA acting exams.


Instruction is offered to students to suit ability and/or age range in the following groups:

- Lower Junior Pro's (9-11 years)

- Upper Junior Pro's (12-14 years)

- Advanced Pro's (15-18 years)



Tuition Fees | £818.20 per academic term

Audition Fee | £35 (non-refundable)

Deposit | £100 (deducted from first terms fees)

Exam Fees | Paid in addition to class fees where applicable


- All prices are inclusive of VAT.

- Price is for tuition of classes included in the Professional course,

  for one 10 week term.

- Exam and rehearsal fees are charged in addition to course fees.

- Fees are payable in advance and due on the first day of term.

- In the event of late payment Italia Conti may charge interest at

  the rate of 3%, plus an administration cost of £10.

- In the event of withdrawal, half a terms notice is required in 

  writing or one terms fees will be due in lieu.

- Further 'Conditions of Enrolment' apply upon application to

  the Associate School and can be found using the link below:




Students are only accepted between the ages of 9 - 18 years.


Entrance to the Professional Course is by audition only. This is to ensure students are of the correct standard to meet the course requirements. Further information about the audition process can be found below. Students will also be required to provide a reference from their School upon application. This is to ensure they are academically able to cope with their school work as well as the time commitment to the Professional course.


Students are required to wear the Italia Conti Associate uniform, and appropriate shoes for specific classes. Uniform can be tried and purchased at our onsite shop, or from our online store.


Students will be in the care of experienced house staff during class hours and student safety is of the utmost importance. We recommend students bring plenty of water and snacks with them.


Many of our students progress onto our full-time training courses and many then go on to have successful careers in the industry. The Professional Course is the perfect pre-training course before full-time training.




Application to the Professional Course can be made using our online application form. Applicants must complete the form and pay the audition fee (£35) in order to confirm your audition place. Upon receiving your application we will contact you with your audition date and further information.

Audition fees are non-refundable. This fee acts as both an administration fee for processing your application and holding your place on the audition day.

In line with our admissions policy, the Associates reserves the right to alter or withdraw offers at any point.



The entrance audition comprises of four components - Dance, Acting, Singing and Interview. The audition process is designed to ensure that prospective students meet the criteria for a performing arts training including a demonstration of prior knowledge and a good understanding of the commitment the Professional Course requires.

All four audition components will take place on the same day, and candidates should be prepared to spend at least half a day at the audition. You may wish to bring lunch or a snack to the audition, as breaks between sections will not be long enough to leave the audition site. Also, please note that family and friends will not be permitted to observe the audition and depending on the set-up of the audition site may not be able to have contact with the applicant until their audition is finished.


"I have been at Conti's since I was 3 years old and am now on the Professional course.

I absolutely love it here! Everyone is lovely and the standard of teaching is amazing. I never want to leave!"