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The Teen Foundation Course is one of the oldest and most established foundation courses in the Country, successfully preparing students to go onto our Advanced Professional Course and then, our full-time courses.

This part-time course is comprised of energetic faculty who are specifically dedicated to older students. The Teen Foundation curriculum is designed to provide the most rigorous introductory courses necessary for an education in performing arts. 


This course has been designed to introduce students between the ages of 13 - 18 years to the

skills required to pursue a successful career in the performing arts:

- The actor acquires physical agility through dance, as well as vocal versatility through singing and speech
- The singer learns movement and acting skills to expand their range of roles and their ability to command the stage
- The dancer develops acting and vocal skills to add versatility and longevity to their career

The approach of the part-time Teen Foundation in Performing Arts course is one of ‘theatre-as-playing’ in an ensemble or company context. Throughout the duration of the course, you will engage in all aspects of production, from rehearsal techniques to performance. As a Teen Foundation Course student you will have the practical know-how and knowledge necessary to be able to

begin ‘to re-invent form’ in the theatre.  In Acting we will introduce you to the ‘art of playing’ as an overarching framework for gaining and practising performance skills and for understanding performance. You will compose and perform short pieces, and you will gain experience of practical theatre-craft. You will concentrate on musical production and performance. This will develop your understanding of performance through practical engagement, and help you produce more challenging and innovative work.


Thursday, 5.15pm - 8.15pm | Saturday, 9am - 5pm


The course includes a range of classes such as:

- Ballet                                   - Acting

- Modern                               - Singing

- Tap                                       - Musical Theatre

- Street                                  - LAMDA

- Jazz / Contemporary


Students are given the opportunity to take part in our bi-yearly show, plus various in house performances and events throughout the year. Those with the necessary standards may be entered for ISTD dance or LAMDA acting exams.


Classes are timetabled to suit individual abilities and/or age ranges. This is in order for students to develop to their full potential. Students will start ISTD dance classes at Grade 4 unless they are already working at a higher level.


Tuition Fees | £572.75 per academic term

Registration Fee | £10, paid upon application

Exam Fees | Paid in addition to class fees where applicable


- All prices are inclusive of VAT.​

- Price is for tuition of classes included in the Teen Foundation

  course, for one 10 week term.

- Exam and rehearsal fees are charged in addition to course fees.

- Fees are payable in advance and due on the first day of term.

- In the event of late payment Italia Conti may charge interest at

  the rate of 3%, plus an administration cost of £10.

- In the event of withdrawal, half a terms notice is required in 

  writing or one terms fees will be due in lieu.

- Further 'Conditions of Enrolment' apply upon application to

  the Associate School and can be found using the link below:



Students are only accepted between the ages of 13 - 18 years.


No audition is required for this course as we wish to encourage participation in the arts for all abilities.


Students are required to wear the Italia Conti Associate uniform, and appropriate shoes for specific classes. Uniform can be tried and purchased at our onsite shop, or from our online store.


Students will be in the care of experienced house staff during class hours and student safety is of the utmost importance. We recommend students bring plenty of water and snacks with them.


Many of our students progress onto the Advanced Professional Course and eventually onto our full-time training courses. The Teen Foundation Course is the perfect stepping stone for this.



Before application, students may take part in a free trial day to ensure the course is suited for them. Please contact us to book your free trial day (subject to availability).


Application to the Teen Foundation Course can be made using our online application form. Applicants must complete the form and pay the registration fee (£10) in order to hold your place on the course. Upon receiving your application we will contact you with your start date and further information.

Registration fees are non-refundable. This fee acts as both an administration fee for processing your application and holding your place on the course.


In line with our admissions policy, the Associates reserves the right to alter or withdraw offers at any point.


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